You’re the one that I want..🍁🍂🍃🌰

October 2014, Neuchâtel – Switzerland 

Very first cold days in Neuchâtel, time to rock in our fuzzy socks and warm coat! Even If it is super cold I love wearing skirt and keep my style very girly. For the first time, I wore my « Choupette Beanie » from the brand Karl Lagerfeld, isn’t it the cutest beanie ever?

I’m very happy to tell you about my collaboration with John Reift! He is going to be my photographer for all future shootings: outfit of the day.

Pictures taken by : John Reift  – BoHi Agency 

Clothes available at : Boutique Canzo’P

SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-2 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-3 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-5 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-1 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-4 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-7 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-6 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-8 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_231014-9

Pullover Paul & Joe – Skirt Paul & Joe – Coat Paul & Joe – Beanie Karl Lagerfeld – Fuzzy Socks Sportmax – Shoes Barbara Bui – Manchette Barbara Bui – Bag Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti 


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