December 2014, Neuchùtel Switzerland 

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Pictures taken by John Reift 

Grey, the trend color of winter 2014-2015! I’m slowly giving up my all-black outfits… grey is so much better and cozy! What I actually love about this shade is that it goes with anything! Blue, red, pink, yellow even green! However if you choose to wear grey, whether as an all-grey look or just a grey item in your outfit, go for it. It’s not only super trendy, but also very easy to style, and to rock. It’s classy and chic!

For today’s outfit I picked a total look in grey with mixing shades. I add some brown with my super cozy coat Sportmax and my favorite jelwerly Chaingang by the amazing creator Julia Neumann. I’m in love with her collection!


SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-2 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-4 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-5 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-6 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-7 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-8 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-9 SeenByZoulou_ByJohnReift_031214-10

Pullover Paul & Joe – Leggings Paul & Joe – Belt Paul & Joe – Boots Paul & Joe – Coat Sportmax – Jelwerly Chaingang 

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