Fashion Week Day 5 

Pont Alexandre III, 7ème & 8ème Arrondissement

Pictures by John Reift – BoHi Agency 

Ending the week with my last Parisian post! It’s also my favorite shot! Can you believe that we took those pictures in less than 15 minutes on a sunny Sunday afternoon with many peoples around us?


As I mentioned in one of my other post, I really treasure Paris for it’s architectures, the houses, the bridges, the famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe are splendid! Whenever I walk in those streets, I can’t help it, I’m looking all over, taking pictures even if I already saw everything the day before. It’s really a city where I could move in.


For my last day I chose this very boho chic outfit almost like I was on my way to Coachella (yeah, in my dreams… maybe next year!) This silk dress is super cozy and confortable and easy to coordinate because you can wear it with sandales for a very beach look, or like I did with heels. I choose my boots to keep the boho style. And yeah you cannot forget the hat 😉 you starting to know me very well now.. ahah


Paris Fashion Week was really an amazing experience! I had the chance to attend to some fashions shows, I went to a showroom and saw Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serrafini and Moschino Fall Winter 2015 – 2016 collection and met the gorgeous Kristina Bazan. 


Dress Paul & Joe – Purse Paul & Joe – Hat Top Shop – Boots Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti 

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