🍂🍃 Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Days get shorter, temperatures dip, and the leaves fall from the trees. September-December is the best time of the year and don’t try to argue with me on this one,I won’t change my mind!

Getting ready for the fall season is my all-time fave thing to do! I mean, who doesn’t love wearing those warm knitted sweater and fuzzy socks… wait I’m getting to excited… I’ll leave that for november I promised.

Dressing up in between seasons can be sometimes tricky! A part of you wants to hold onto summer longer but you also can’t wait for the leaves to turn colors and start wearing your new fall clothes.

So here are some ideas of summer/fall outfits!

Pictures taken by Enzo Di Caprio

Clothes available at Canzo’P

Neuchâtel, Studio L

3L8A6355 3L8A6410 3L8A6416

 DRESS – Boutique Moschino 

HEELS – Barbara Bui

JEWELRYFranco Giaccari

3L8A5971 3L8A5973 3L8A6056

SHIRT – Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini 

SKIRT – Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini 

HEELS – Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti 

JELWERY – Franco Giaccari 

3L8A5909 3L8A5915 3L8A5916

DRESSAlberta Ferretti 

JEWELRYFranco Giaccari

3L8A6279 3L8A6294 3L8A6298

SHIRTBoutique Moschino 

PANTBoutique Moschino 

JELWERYFranco Giaccari

3L8A6513 3L8A6538 3L8A6567 3L8A6581

DRESSAlberta Ferretti 

3L8A6617 3L8A6660 3L8A6667 3L8A6674

SHIRTPhilosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini 

PANTPhilosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini 

HEELSBarbara Bui 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! These days are my last in Switzerland, by the end of September I’ll be moving in my apartment in Paris! I Can’t wait to share my parisian adventure with you guys!

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