Christmas Wishlist

December,  a month full of lights, snow and feasts, or simply the most wonderful time of the year! December is upon us and the holidays are approaching and I am super duper excited about it!  If you follow me on twitter, snapchat or even instagram you probably already know how much I’m in love with this period of the year, and once again I decided to share my Christmas wishlist with you!

Also, I would like to apologize, because my articles kinda dissappaer during those last two months… To be honnest, I had so much to do with my moving in Paris, starting my news studies, and all kind of other things.

But I felt like December was perfect for coming back as it is a great time, to share, spread love, joy and cheers! I’m full of inspiration, which means I have so much ideas for new articles, and I really hope you guys will like it!

Coming back on today’s article, here’s my little 2015 Christmas wishlist….hoping that a couple of these show up under my Christmas tree on December 25th.  I promise I haven’t been too naughty!

some cosy and trendy « Turtleneck » sweater 

The must have of the season, one of the chicest pieces you can own if you style it correctly, so let’s go crazy with turtleneck! 

IPhone 6S or 6s plus  « Gold Pink »

Not only i’m obsessed with the color, but the main reason is because my current iPhone is broken and about to giving up on me..

Christian Louboutin’s Lipstick « Zoulou »

Do I really need to say much? I’m mean the lipstick is named « Zoulou ».. definitively made for me!

Ticket for Adele’s Concert

No words can’t explain my addiction to Adele’s music, and it will be a dream come true to see her perform on stage.

The cooking book « Inside Chefs’ Frigdes by Carrie Solomon

Living in Paris has made my obsession for cooking and French Chefs even bigger and this book was definitely made for me! 

Diptyque Candles 


Candles are probably what I like to give and receive the most! Especially at Christmas because really… who doesn’t love spending their free time with a delicious cup a tea, a candle and a really good movie or book? I mean.. Everyone of course! 

I think for the first time in a long time, my wish list not only touches fashion but a little bit of everything I like! I hope you had fun reading it and maybe it has give some ideas for presents! 

xoxo, Zoulou! 

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