Fashion Show Canzo’P

Last week as I was Switzerland, I worked for the Boutique Canzo’P who organized a fashion show. Part of my job was to help my mother (who is the owner of Canzo’P)  choose the models , the hairstyles, makeup and especially the outfits.

The second part of my job was to organize the whole structure of the show, this organization requires a lot of concentration and attention, but I really enjoyed to participate in that project. It was such an extraordinary day because I got to mix two of my passion which are organize events and be on the runway.

In the morning of the show, it was raining like crazy! We got super scared cause the show was held outside the boutique.. but thanks God the sun came out just a couple hours before the start of the show and everything turned out perfect!

And today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite shots from the show, but also some backstages pictures taken by Yann Marchesi, the photographer.

« What happend backstage.. « 

Canzop-12 copy

Sandals : Barbara Bui 

Canzop-15 copyCanzop-6 copy

Blouse: Barbara Bui 

Canzop-5 copy

My mother, owner of Canzo’P, wearing a blouse Frankie Morello 

Canzop-191 copy

Heels: Barbara Bui 

Canzop-193 copy

A couples minutes before we hit the red carpet, my mom checks all the small details, everything must be perfect!

« During the show… »

Canzop-31 copy

Pascal, the host of the show 

Canzop-64 copyCanzop-65 copyCanzop-66 copy

Myself wearing a dress from Paul & Joe and shoes from Bottega Dell’ Artigiano 

Canzop-83 copy

Caroline wearing a total outfit from Paul & Joe 

Canzop-96 copy

Florence wearing Barbara Bui 

Canzop-101 copy

Theo wearing Roberto Cavalli & Paul & Joe 

Canzop-142 copyCanzop-144 copyCanzop-145 copy

Myself wearing Sportmax & Barbara Bui

Canzop-153 copy

Anastacia wearing Alberta Ferreti 

Canzop-160 copy

Kimberly wearing Barbara Bui 

Canzop-167 copyCanzop-168 copy

Caroline wearing Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini 

Canzop-174 copy

Elena wearing Paul & Joe 

Canzop-223 copyCanzop-225 copy

Myself wearing Alberta Ferreti and Barbara Bui 

Canzop-248 copyCanzop-249 copy

Caroline wearing Alberta Ferreti 

Canzop-241 copy

Maxime wearing Paul & Joe 

Canzop-263 copy

Alison wearing Alberta Ferreti 

Canzop-262 copy

As you can notice, most of the models are wearing headphones and portable speakers, we presented the new collection of the brand B&O Play available at Bula.

Canzop-275 copy

And it’s a wrap! The show was a success and  I loved working with theses amazing people, so again thank you to the models: Caroline, Kimberly, Anastasia, Elena, Alison, Florence, Maxime & Theo DREAM TEAM.

And a HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MOM, Bula  & Melinda Dancer Center  It’s was a pleasure to collaborate with all of you! And I can’t forget.. Halo Coiffure, thank you for making us look so pretty!

Canzop-215 copyCanzop-199 copy

Love, Zoulou 

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